Oud Tabac

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In creating OUD TABAC I had in mind something deliciously intoxicating, sensuous, unforgettable and addictive. I wanted to start somewhat spicy and bracing - like the fragrant notes of Coriander and Ginger, then join them with Saffron’s bright leather-and-honey quality and the airy soft-and-sweet Heliotrope.
At its heart, OUD TABAC wafts over an accord of Oud, Olibanum and Amberwood - like an intoxicating hug - delicious and forever memorable. Then an oriental quality takes over... Soft, warm and intimate. It wraps you in toasted-caramel notes of Vanilla Bourbon, balsamic and ambery Cistus and smouldering Alaskan Cedar and GuaiacWoods.
Finally I blended the entire composition with Captive Musks. This move is enticing and irresistible and should give each wearer a sense of personal attraction and magnetism. This is my OUD TABAC: Soft. Sensual. Addictive!