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White tea leaves are much sought after for their delicate flavor which combines effervescence and complexity. Robert Piguet Parfums offers a perfume that creates a similar memorable experience by reinterpreting white tea leaves as fresh, crisp and radiant.
"Chai de Robert Piguet opens up on a vivid accord of bergamot leaves and orange blossom. The caressing sweetness of white tea leaves unfolds under the sparkling top notes. A drizzle of honey adds sensual warmth to the composition, with the gentle smoke of yerbamate providing a beautiful, lasting finish." Chai is a good choice for those of you who love light, but sophisticated perfumes. Citruses, sparkling white floral notes and a reshreshing note of tea make for one very cheerful and very clean composition. Soapy light and fresh notes are gravitated to your skin by a warm touch of beeswax.

Eau de Parfum