Robert Piguet


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Experience the regal beauty of Alameda de Robert Piguet. The olfactive vision is an inspiration from the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The structure was converted from a fortress into a royal palace in 1933 and built for the last Muslim Emirs in Spain and their court, of the Nasrid dynasty. The Alhambra is the country’s most significant Berber Islamic

Alameda de Robert Piguet captures the scents of the park surrounding the Alhambra, which are filled with wild flowers and roses that were planted by the Moors. Finished with a touch of amber, the scent is a fragrance made for a Sultan. It is extravagant and rich, like a fragrant crown adorned with a delicate note of citrus, the jewels of fine flowers and the warmth of stunning accents like candied patchouli and creamy amber.

Eau de Parfum