The Scent Of Art

The Scent Of Art

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After about a year of work and improvement, Bracke’s “The Scent of Art” vision was transformed into a fragrance.

“The Scent of Art” whose aromatic richness awakens the senses has become a successful fragrance unlike any other.

Myrrh and incense are its top notes while agarwood (oudh), patchouli and many other substances embrace the heart notes.

A creation that is also characterised by the presence of “gold” although only as detail on the bottle.

Bracke who also produced the “The Scent of Art” artwork preferred simplicity by confining himself to his own illustration. “Less is more”, such is his motto. No exaggeration, but rather subtle tones for a harmonious result as “The Scent of Art” transcends an olfactory experience by proposing emotion in touch and experience.

The bottle is presented in a velvet box, the elegance of which combines wonderfully with Bracke’s famous representation “Shopping in Paris”: the final touch of “The Scent of Art”.

The fragrance’s power and richness reflect exceptional elegance and are potentially synonymous with dependence.

“The Scent of Art” is indeed not an ordinary scent but an artistic unisex fragrance with a glow of darkness.

The fragrance meets the stringent standards imposed by the European commission regarding the use of authorised products and allergy prevention.

“The Scent of Art” contains 42 ingredients, 20% extracts and 80% alcohol.