Bois D'Orient

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Bois D`Orient. It’s an oud like no other, it’s complex and unexpected, elegant and playful. This is one of those moments where I wish I could provide some kind of scratch ‘n’ sniff blog service, OR I could creepily extend my arm through your computer screens and let you sniff my wrist, because something this good should be sampled first hand! At the top of the fragrance, the blackcurrant is sweet, juicy and delicious, it’s blended beautifully with the spicy, sweet, addictive cinnamon. It gives the fragrance a real woodsy, whimsical feel, like an enchanted forest from a perfectly preserved fairytale. The heart is rich with florals; Tuberose, Turkish rose and ylang ylang, adding a more classic and elegant moment to the fragrance. It also has a slightly creamy tone to it, reminding me of almond milk or ripe figs. The base of the fragrance is deep, dark and woodsy, filled with tones of amber, oud, woodsy patchouli and dry grassy vetiver. Amouroud Bois d’Orient is like an Autumnal Oud; blackcurrants are in season, cinnamon treats are being baked, the fire is lit, the summer roses are drying out and the trees and earth outside are wonderfully woodsy and earth. All blended together with a hint of excitement in the air, ready for a glamorous evening ahead.